3 Sneaky Reasons Why Good Men Cheat

Why Good Men Cheat

Why Good Men Cheat

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Most people reiterate that cheating is unacceptable but why are cheating cases rising by the day? Most men claim that they cheat because they are starved of sex, while women say they cheat because they do not get the attention and caring they need from their men. So who is right and who is wrong?

What is certain is that cheating affects both parties in a negative way…

Outcomes of cheating are depression, homicide, divorce, and violence.

So, again, why do people cheat?

There’s a saying that goes, “once a cheater, always a cheater” What do you think?

Let’s see some of the common reasons why good men cheat:

1. What is this hormone ish?

Why Good Men Cheat

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The phrase once a cheater, always a cheater can be said to be an individual excuse for cheating. This saying also implies that it’s difficult for an individual to stay faithful. Some research says that men are likely to become more promiscuous than women because men have more testosterone. Testosterone makes men have the desire to have sex. I do not know about this, why don’t you comment and share your thoughts…?

2. Relationship complications and hygiene

Why Good Men Cheat

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Yes! People are likely to become cheaters because of complications in the relationship, one among them being hygiene. Some people find no reason to take a shower. Honestly, take a shower! We all want our significant other to look good, smell good, and observe all grooming rules. Some men cheat because, whatever they see and wish for, they do not get from their women. It would be advisable for women to stay fly, stylish, and have good hygiene for your men to stay away from temptation. Ladies! Ensure your lady flower is always clean. Here are more tips.

3. Poor Communication

Why Good Men Cheat

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Couples should be able to communicate clearly – don’t shout or yell. Remember when you married your husband or wife, you were best friends, so put the sideshows aside and talk as friends.

Sometimes, if the woman becomes too busy with children, the man will always complain that they are deprived of attention. A man who has been ignored by his significant other will start seeking for attention from other women or alcohol. You do not want this – it can easily lead to infidelity. Women, take care of your husbands and make sure they are satisfied emotionally, sexually and give them a shoulder to lie on. Men, show your women affection and spend some time appreciating them.



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