Unexpected Things You Experience/ Learn In Your First Job

First Job? You might relate to this

The Weird Ride to Work

I have “heard” of people who are always super excited and energetic in the morning. For many people’s first job, every morning is a struggle to get out of bed to get ready for work. I say I have “heard of” because it is common to spot people asleep on the ride to work. This is especially true when most highways, like the current Thika Road, were not six lanes. Wake up time during those days was 3am because you had to reach a certain milestone on the road by 6am, otherwise, your day would be a mess.


Typically, people would get into a matatu/bus, pay their fare, and get right to sleep while in the background, tunes from Classic FM blazed through the speakers. Maina Kageni was the only reason to stay awake; he was a savior to many, lighting up the day for a nation getting ready to face the day. Before you got to town, the matatu was a symphony of snores; including the conductor. Thank God, there was no platform to make videos go viral because many of our sleepy brothers and sisters would be guests on “The Trend” being interviewed by Larry Madowo, trying to fathom how they got there and answering questions such as, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

The ride to work must be the shortest and most boring part of the day and that’s why 5pm is the just the best. If there is a way to skip this part of the day and still get to work on time, I am sure many Kenyans would pay a fortune.

Where to Eat Lunch

Most people, who are not working, think that a working class, typical Nairobian, always eats at exorbitant eateries. It is only when one gets their first and subsequent salaries that one begins to realize that Nairobi is not your “mother’s”. One thing that you realize once you secure a job is that you have to save a lot to survive.  Forget the Javas and the KFCs; many people have lunch where they will not dent their pockets; even if one is in Westlands. It is after a while working a certain job that one starts to realize that it’s time to graduate to eating food that costs more than their daily total fare.

Unexpected Things you experience/ learn in your first jobtheculturetrip.com


Relationships in The Office

The murky world of relationships is confusing when one is in their first job. You might be already in a relationship or looking forward to getting a companion now that you can afford to rent space to rest your head every day. For many people in their first job, and not in a relationship, the excitement of finding new potential lovers/girlfriends/boyfriends can cause one to forget the implications of relationships at the office.

Unexpected Things you experience/ learn in your first job


You might end up dating someone at the office. If it does not work out, everyone will know you broke up in your department. Every day, you will have to deal with people observing how you relate with each other, whether you are mad at each other, whether you get jealous when someone talks to your partner, whether you disappear at the same moment, etc. It’s not funny. It is only when you break up that you begin realizing how important it is to keep your affairs private. You do not want a situation where you have to keep worrying about your love life exploding in the office.

Some Workmates Living Above Their Means

Some people live above their means; it’s a fact. A wise person dealing with many clients on a daily basis once told me that there are people driving posh cars but cannot afford to pay insurance; they pay third party insurance. I am talking people with Toyota Prados and Range Rovers here. You might be earning the same salary with your colleague, but they live in a posh house, eat at exorbitant places, and wear designer clothes. Mind you that’s their only source of income. There are people who have other sources of income and thus afford such lives. If you are on your first job, live within your means so as to save for the future. Don’t forget to save for the rainy days.



Fashion Police

There are those colleagues who care too much about the way people dress; they know who bought a new tie or a new dress or who is the worst dressed in the office. Such people sit in groups and discuss matters dressing.  These things happen at the work place and you have to get used to it and learn to ignore it.

Unexpected Things you experience/ learn in your first job




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