7 Weird Things That Happen When You Bump Into Your Ex

Exes, exes, exes….

Exes are meant to be in the past but our minds just can’t help but think weird things. Everyone eventually moves on with their life from a previous relationship. Mountains never meet but unfortunately that does not apply to humans. So, you are bound to meet with your ex at some point. So, what to do?

Here are weird things that happen when you bump into your ex.


1. You hope that your ex will go thinking the way you have become hot AF!

There is no better feeling than when your ex notices you have gone a few notches higher. At this point, your ex will know you deserved better than him or her. It’s during such moments that you get a cheeky smile; especially when your ex meets you on your best day.


Just pray it’s not the opposite. If your ex bumps into you in these circumstances;

  • You are in your flip flops
  • You are on one of those bad hair days
  • Your dressing looks like crap
  • Your salary has been delayed for two months
  • Your skin looks ashy

issa problem! You might have to duck in the nearest shop to avoid the embarrassment.


2. You being to wonder what you saw in them in the first place

Sometimes, you might regret when you see your ex. You can never go back even if you were paid. This happens if your ex added no value in your life.



3. You want to know their marriage or relationship status

Sigh! The age-old question! Tell me you have not thought about knowing your exes’ marriage or relationship status? You are lying to yourself if you haven’t.



4. Do I ignore or say hi?

If things ended on a sour note, it is likely that you might hesitate to say hi; especially if you are the one who did something that caused the relationship to end; like cheating. Guilty conscience they call it?



5. Your mind is bound to have flashbacks

Meeting an ex can evoke weird moments because you might get a flashback. You might remember the way you used to meet and go for dates.



6. The heart skips a beat

Like it or not, your heart will skip a beat. It does not in any way mean you want to get your ex back, it just happens.



7. You start thinking about closure

Most people hurt because they didn’t get closure; that’s why they never move on with their lives. It’s normal for such people to think about asking for closure. They will want to know what caused the relationship to end.




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