6 Weird Fights Every Healthy Couple Has

Are you among those who fight about this?

They say that fighting is healthy for a relationship. If you are in a relationship with someone, you are definitely going to be at loggerheads one time or the other. That is just being real. If couples don’t have disagreements, a relationship is bound to be boring and fake. Here are 6 weird things that couples fight about:

1. Shopping

Some couples walk into a mall smiling only to start sulking at each other when they begin shopping. They can’t seem to agree on anything. One party prefers one brand from the other so the other party becomes angry because they are used to using a particular brand for a long time.

6 Weird Fights Every Healthy Couple Has

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2. Music in the car

During courtship, couples seem to agree on the kind of music they like listening to. As times goes by, they both become comfortable. Picture this: you are on the road driving when all of a sudden the music changes and you don’t know who did it. After a while, it turns to a disagreement that one person is not considerate about the other’s feelings. So at this point, you have to compromise and be considerate about each other’s likes and dislikes.

Weird Fights Every Healthy Couple Has

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3. House chores

When young couples start living together, this issue tends to pop up. When you are so used to doing things your way, it kinda becomes hard to change and suddenly learn that there is someone else who lives with you and you cannot just leave chores to your siblings like before.

Weird Fights Every Healthy Couple Has

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4. The sleeping position

Picture this: at one point, you are cuddling not worried about the other’s sleeping position. Before the night is over, there tends to be that 3am cold breeze. You wake up to find a foot or arm in your face! Couples tend to fight for blankets; albeit not a serious fight.

Weird Fights Every Healthy Couple Has

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5. Internet and phone addict

Some fights happen when one party is addicted to the internet, phone, or tablet. This makes it difficult for a couple to spend time together and communicate. The inevitable question then pops up, “Who is more important – the phone or me?”

6 Weird Fights Every Healthy Couple Has

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6. Intimacy

Intimacy issues often arise but it is always important to listen to what the other party wants and both parties have to make compromises. Some couples are so stifled that such issues are a no-go zone. Everyone needs to express themselves; as long as respect is maintained.

6 Weird Fights Every Healthy Couple Has

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All in all people who are in love are likely to have arguments. It’s pretty normal.

Talk to us – are there fights you have that you find weird?



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