Things That True Friends Don’t Do To Each Other

Things That True Friends Don’t Do To Each Other

We recently witnessed one of our beloved musicians, Achieng Abura pass on. The hardest fact to fathom is that it was said that all her real friends could barely fill a 14-seater matatu!

Having good friends is important in life. We seemingly have lots of friends; but how do you tell who is a ride or die, who is a parasite, who is a secret hater, who is a pretender, who will gladly steal your man, who will gladly steal your girl, who is more than happy to see you fall…..the list is endless…

Things That True Friends Don’t Do

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Nyota ndogo was right to say “Kuna watu na viatu…” (loose translation – there are people and shoes!)

As we grow older, we start to realize that it is hard to find people you can trust. You start to realize that you need to be careful whom you allow into your space. The best thing is to surround yourself with positive people who want the best for you. This is how you can ensure you don’t fall into the trap of negative friends.

Here are things that a true friend will never do to you:


1. NEVER talk behind your back

Things That True Friends Don’t Do

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True friends never talk about you behind your back. They can say all the tough stuff to your face and tell you where they disagree with you, but they never go gossiping about you to others.

We have all passed through such issues where people you thought were friends talk the nastiest things behind your back and then come and laugh and giggle in your home as if they have selective amnesia.

Drop us a comment in the comment section below the article about what your worst experience has been with a back stabbing friend…

2. Never discourage you

Things That True Friends Don’t Do

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True friends will encourage you and be a driving force in your personal development; if they are in a position to do that. A true friend will offer helpful advice. They never want to see you suffer.

Have you had a friend who has helped you get to where you are?


Have you had a friend who gives you conflicting advice knowing very well it’s misleading so that you can mess up?

Drop us a comment…

3. They never judge you with your past

Things That True Friends Don’t Do

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True friends do not care about your past because the past is where it belongs. If your friend is having a hard time getting over your past and is always judging you, that’s not a true friend. Real friends love you as you are.

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4. They are not jealous

Things That True Friends Don’t Do


Now here is a number one killer of friendships. Jealousy is from the devil 🙂 ! A true friend should not be jealous if good things come your way.  A true friend should be happy for you at all times.

Talk to us in the comments section – how has jealousy ever affected any of your friendships?

5. They do not lie to you

Things That True Friends Don’t Do

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If you have friends who are perpetual liars, you also likely condone lying. If your friend prefers to tell you what you want to hear, they do it because they don’t value your friendship. That’s not a true friend. A true friend will also not lie to you about trivial issues; like where they live, their job, their livelihood, etc.

6. They will never bully you

Things That True Friends Don’t Do

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True friends never bully. If you feel that your friend is a bully, just stay away from them. Life is too short to live your life sucking up. There are many forms of bullying; financial, emotional, physical, etc. Like those friends who always leave you hanging high and dry with the bill; every single time!



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