Does Your Partner Respect You? These Are The Signs To Look Out For

How Do You Know If There Is No Respect In A Relationship?

Respect is a core component for any couple to attain a fulfilling relationship. Respect has different meanings for different people but there are common telltale signs that respect is nonexistent in a relationship.

respect in a relationship

The platinum rule in every relationship is: Treat others the way you would love to be treated. If you feel that your partner does not respect you, it is imperative that you make it clear how you feel and show them how you would love to be treated. This is how you know that respect is not present in your relationship.

1. Your partner does not listen to what you say

In any relationship, every party has the right to speak his or her mind. If when one party is talking and the other is always interrupting, it leads to a breakdown in communication. In any conversation, it is important that parties say all they have to say before the other interjects.

respect in a relationship

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2. Your partner shows up at your workplace unannounced

You should never go to your spouse’s workplace unannounced because you might find your spouse very busy. If you find your spouse busy, it can create the illusion that your partner is embarrassed of you yet they could just be busy. Advice: Send them flowers instead and maybe meet for lunch if you want to see them. If it is absolutely necessary, call beforehand and ensure that your spouse is okay with it.

respect in a relationship

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3. Your partner forces you to have sex even when you are not in the mood

Respect your partner’s decision and give them space and time to get in the mood. This shows love and respect to your spouse.

respect in a relationship

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4. Your partner uses sex as a way of getting money from you

If your partner expects something in exchange for sex, it’s a warning sign that respect is fading in the relationship. If you have to make love, let it be out of love not in exchange for money or house chores.

respect in a relationship

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5. Your partner puts you down

If your spouse is always like, “You are lucky to have girl like me!” or “You should be thankful you have a man like me!” you should know that your partner does not respect you.

respect in a relationship

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6. Your partner is ashamed of you

If your partner introduces you to his/her friends as a friend or does not want you to meet anyone in his/her family, know that he/she is ashamed of you and yes, he/she has no respect for you.

respect in a relationship

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