8 Obvious Signs That Tell You Your Man Is Insecure

8 Obvious Signs That Your Man is Insecure

Insecurity in men does occur, and it comes from deep within. There are many causes of insecurity such as a difficult childhood, abandonment issues, circumstances under which you met, how you relate to each other, and his self-esteem. It could be because of the man’s past relationship ended in a disaster and put him on a constant watch which makes the man not to trust anyone. He could be insecure with just you meaning that he is not the perfect fit for you. A relationship that has one party walking on eggshells can be stifling. If your man is insecure, and you have tried your level best to reassure him, but no end seems in sight, maybe he does not trust you and the relationship will be too strenuous. No woman wants to have an insecure man because it is a lot of trouble in a relationship.

So, let’s see the obvious signs that your man is insecure

1. He constantly accuses you of cheating

Signs That Your Man is Insecure

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Insecure men are always looking for all avenues that can lead to your infidelity. If you get a message from your male colleague, and he gets angry and starts accusing you of cheating or wanting to cheat, reevaluate where trust stands in the relationship.

2. He is overly clingy

8 Obvious Signs Your Man is Insecure

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When a couple first gets into a relationship, it is common for them to spend every moment together. They literally spend every moment they can get hanging out and having a blast. As time goes by, things start getting into that “normal vibe” sort of like a balance in everything. If you are long into your relationship and your man is always throwing tantrums when you are not in his sights, then you ought to know that insecurity has started creeping in.

3. He knows no boundaries with your phone

Signs That Your Man is Insecure

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 An insecure man will read all your messages, go through your photos, hack your Facebook account (yes this does happen), and behave like it’s no big deal. He receives your calls and replies to some of your text messages. Do you need to be told that this has gone too far? Sure, couples exchange phones, but it should never be to “fish” out details of the goings on – like a detective.

4. He gets jealous when you are with your friends

Signs That Your Man is Insecure

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If your man finds out you were chatting with your male friends over a dinner party and he gets upset, he’s insecure.  Insecure men do not want to hear “explanations” that the other guy was just a friend. If your relationship is based on trust, both of you will never doubt each other’s loyalty. Trust me; there is always that right person for you out there.

5. He continually probes you for compliments

Signs Your Man is Insecure

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An insecure man will talk about how ugly he looks; putting himself down. This is where he expects you to come in; he wants you to compliment him because he wants to assess whether you still care about how he looks. It’s sort of like – he needs a daily dose of compliments (like heroin) for him to go about his day.

6. He controls how you dress

Signs That Your Man is Insecure

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 An insecure man will ask his woman to dress in a certain way. He does not like you looking attractive to other men. If your man forces you to wear what you never used to wear before you met him, he might be insecure. He should trust you enough to know that your heart only belongs to him.

7. He looks for validation

Signs That Your Man is Insecure

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This is the kind of guy who will keep asking you questions like, do you love me? Despite giving him your word, he still doesn’t believe that you love him. He has an array of questions that make you wonder what you have to do to show him that you love him.

8. He thrives on threatening you that he is going to break up with you

Signs That Your Man is Insecure

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This is the kind of guy who deep down doesn’t want to break up with you but wants you to beg him not to break up with you. For example, you are at a party, and you meet an old time friend, and your man spots you. He asks you whom you were talking to and begins questioning you. He then threatens that he will let that other man have you. It could be his male friends that make him insecure. If doesn’t trust you, he will obviously be insecure. Trust is FUNDAMENTAL to any relationship.



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