How To Tell You Are A Rebound

How to Tell You Are a Rebound

It is hard to get over an ex especially if the relationship was serious and had a long term vibe going. For some, the only way to numb this feeling of rejection is to get a rebound. Rebound relationships can end up being one toxic mess or can help you find love. You never know; that rebound relationship can become the real thing! Some people find it hard to admit that they are the rebound. Some just don’t want to believe they will never be anything but the rebound. Nevertheless, we do not know how to categorize some of our encounters. Does he/she see me as just a friend or do they have feelings for me?

Here are signs that you are in a rebound relationship:

1. The relationship moves really fast

When someone declares their love within weeks and asks you to move in, watch out. You don’t want to come and replace someone like they were never there. When someone moves with such speed, be wary. Take your time to know them before you fall into a trap. You don’t want to hear unending stories of how their ex did this and that, how they were so unfair, how they were so good….etc

How to tell you are a rebound

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2. Just broke up with his ex

It’s been only a week, and he wants you to do the serious stuff; you know – like meeting the parents or sleeping over. This means that the person is not over the ex and all they want is to numb the feeling of being alone. This is the number one sign you are a rebound.

How to tell you are a rebound

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3. They want to make their ex jealous

They will take you to parties to show the ex that they moved on like this (snaps finger!). They will show off to people that you guys are so happy! They will insist on showing affection in public if the ex is there; even though they normally don’t do that.

How to tell you are a rebound

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4. Lots of meaningless sex

There is a difference between sex and making love. Making love is the art of connecting emotionally but sex could be just physical. A rebound will be purely physical, and for them, emotions are a no-go zone.

How to tell you are a rebound

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5. Ex talk

They are always talking about their exes; like they mention something you did reminds them of the ex. The classic one is when you go to places that they used to visit with the ex and they mention they used to love going there with the ex.

How to Tell You Are a Rebound

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6. You don’t have much in common

They don’t bother to know much about you because you really don’t have that much in common. They just want to be in the relationship to fill the void and avoid facing their feelings of loneliness.

How to Tell You Are a Rebound

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7. When friends are shocked that he/she is already in ANOTHER relationship

It’s a very bad sign when her/his friends are shocked that he/she just got into another relationship. You would rather hear that they are happy for the new relationship. Not SHOCKED.

How to tell you are a rebound

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People need time to heal. So, if you see friends surprised by the relationship, you might be the rebound!



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