7 Weird Things You Are Likely To Think When You See Someone You Owe Money

Weird Things That You Think When You See Someone You Owe Money

Debt is a common thing in society. Owing someone a debt can sometimes evoke bad feelings. Some people deal with such feelings by avoiding phone calls or even switching off their phones. Those ones are the worst! However, there a subtle thoughts everyone thinks when they see someone they owe money.

Here are 7 things you might think when you see someone you owe money

1.Do they still remember?

It is common to wonder if the person still remembers that you owe them money.  Sometimes people we owe money don’t bring up the money issue in conversations, and you begin to think they don’t remember.



2. Do I continue buying what I was buying or will they think I am refusing to pay back their money?

Imagine you are at the mall buying extremely nice and expensive clothes that cost as much as the debt or probably more, and you meet the person you owe money? You could almost stop shopping right?


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3. Will he or she embarrass me in public?

Embarrassment is never a good thing. We all fear those people who chatter endlessly and mention in passing how you owe them money in public. Somehow, such people always do so when you were just from telling your other friend the way you invested a lot of money in a project somewhere.



4. Should I pretend I did not see them?

For some people, anytime they see a person they owe money, the first thing that comes to mind is to pretend that they never saw them.



5. Show them how tough things have been

It is common to start telling the person you owe money how hard things have been even before they ask you for their money. “The current economy has been really bad meeen! Have you felt what is going on?”



6. Why don’t they just forgive me aki?

The other thing that goes through the mind is how you wish the person you owe money can just let go of the debt.



7. Will he or she go telling our mutual friends?

If you have mutual friends with the person you owe money, it can be quite tricky. You will always be afraid that he or she will tell your mutual friends about the debt. And the way your friends know you are rolling?




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