6 Signs That You Are Destined To Be A Millionaire

Are You Going To Be A Millionaire?

For many, becoming a millionaire almost seems like an unachievable dream. It is imperative to note that the key to success is not hidden somewhere by those who have made it. Working hard, smart, and never losing resilience is the way to go. Nevertheless, there are habits that may block you from becoming a millionaire this year. A lot of research has been done on how millionaires live their lives and we came up with a list for you. We want you to assess if you make the cut.

1. The sky is always the limit for you

If you are the kind of person who strives to be the best even when you face challenges, and even when people tell you that you CAN’T, then you are made for success. If you are the kind of person who shoots for the moon and always aims to get far in difficult circumstances, then you are on the right track.

Signs That You Are Destined To Be A Millionaire

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2. You are open-minded

If you are open to new ideas, then this is a good sign. Closed minds don’t inspire courage, belief, or faith. Successful people have a unique, psychological way of approaching happiness, money, and success. It’s not rocket science, just choose to stay positive and adapt to circumstances.

3. You are optimistic; no matter what

Many successful people have risen from rags to riches mainly because of having faith, and being optimistic. Believe in yourself and let nothing stop you till you get to what you want.

Signs That You Are Destined To Be A Millionaire

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4. You save to invest

Successful people save money to invest; and if they have to take debts, the debts are usually put into income generating activities. If you believe more in investing than spending, trust me, you are going to be a millionaire in no time.

Signs That You Are Destined To Be A Millionaire

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5. You believe more in earning than saving

Wealthy people are very frugal with their money. Successful people know that to make more money, you have to save then invest but the key is always how to make more money.

Signs That You Are Destined To Be A Millionaire

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6. You invest in yourself

If you invest a lot in yourself then you are headed for success. Successful people read widely and learn as much as they can. Aim to be more knowledgeable in your field of expertise. Never be comfortable with the knowledge you have. Look for more knowledge and look for it aggressively. Learn an extra skill; learn how to do things better, and within a shorter period of time. Do not be complacent.

Signs That You Are Destined To Be A Millionaire

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Additionally, believe it or not, it is said that attractive people are likely to earn at least 3-4 percent more than the average looking person. Invest in yourself; for men, have a good haircut, smell good, invest in stylish outfits. For women, have your manicure and pedicure done; be stylish, have a good hairdo, and smell good. It is very important to feel good about yourself to boost your confidence. You will find yourself approaching the world with boldness.

Signs That You Are Destined To Be A Millionaire

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To sum it up…

Remember, everything in life is about selling. You have to sell your image to get that client, you have to sell your image to impress your boss, you have to sell your image to close deals and so forth. It’s all about what you portray to the world. When you release positive feelings, they resonate back to you from other people and the environment.

However, even though you now know you are destined to be a millionaire, it is important to be PATIENT. Many people think you can hit success overnight. Many successful people build success over many years. Do not get desperate and make moves that could jeopardize your future. For example, some people are so desperate to be successful that they end up stealing from their workplaces, friends, and elsewhere. Some even end up being corrupt. Kenyans need to turn away from corruption because it is a vice that only gets worse. If we get money through corrupt means that it only means you will have to part with it down the line for you to get things done. It is a vicious cycle.

Be ready to put in the work! What’s the use of living in a mansion somewhere in Runda or Nyari and you are always watching the door wondering if this is the day you finally get caught. Do things the right way!



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