Signs Of Broke People Acting Rich | What You Don’t See | How The Real Rich Live

Signs Of Broke People Acting Rich

What comes to mind when you hear the word rich? Rich is when you have your dream car, a luxurious home, and every material thing you ever wished for; right? I think wealthy might be a better place to be because wealth includes the well-being of a person; health, quality people in your life, joy, peace, and relationships that build you. And yes money! To some extent…

It seems the definition of rich for different people is…. different (for lack of a better word). The society has carved what it thinks is the definition of rich through numerous images, videos, and lifestyles of people we look up to.

At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself this one question: Am I fulfilled?

Some people might pretend to be rich, but this is how you sniff the broke people acting rich.


1. They are always seeking validation

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People who pretend to be rich, always want you to comment on their lives e.g. cars, houses, or other stuff they have bought. They are always looking for compliments and will do anything to bring up the topic so as to look cool.


2. They do not save money

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This type of people don’t save and always spend money on things that they do not need. They live in the moment and don’t worry about the future. I am sure you have met someone like this.

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3. They have a knack for flossing with clones and calling them originals


Fake rich kind of people often buy something close to the original and love showing off that they got the original new this and that….this is the type of person who will buy a ZAMZUNG that looks like the original, and tell you they have the new samsung. Buying clones is not bad if that’s what you can afford, but don’t lie to people you buy the real thing.


4. They dress to prove a point

Signs Of Broke People Acting Rich

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Fake rich people often dress to prove a point but not to look good. They try too hard and buy imitations to show off to other people and prove that they are doing well.

If you love dressing well, it’s not really a problem. The problem arises when you are so determined to be seen. Dress to feel good about yourself, not to be accepted. Love yourself first before you let other people’s opinions make you think less of yourself.


5. They love to compete with others

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People who pretend to be rich, enjoy showing that they are doing well. Therefore, it is not surprising to see them trying hard to drop hints that their lives are super smooth. They will often watch what other people are doing and try to do it three times better even though they don’t stand by the same values. They will ensure you know they have a new this and that. Don’t be blinded by such mediocrity. It’s always good to live your life.

Here is the side of broke people acting rich that you won’t see


1. They might be living miserable lives

Signs Of Broke People Acting Rich

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When it comes to their personal lives, they are somewhat unhappy because of the energy they put into seeking validation. Putting an image can be very exhausting. The first thing that such people think about when they earn some money is where they are going to spend it. They never get to invest and think of the future.

I will tell you powerful words a wise man said to me just recently. People are so prepared for eventualities and failures. We tend to be always ready for challenges. Talk about “when the going gets tough, the tougher gets going.” BUT have you ever prepared yourself for SUCCESS? You need to think about what would you do if you were to become successful or if you were to earn some money somewhere or before your next paycheck comes in.

That should stop you from spending money on dumb sh**. I love calling it dumb sh** because I always reflect and remind myself of the dumb sh** I have spent money on.


2. They are never content

Signs Of Broke People Acting Rich

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The broke people pretending to be rich tend to want more and more. They tend to value greed and call it a necessary evil in society. That is the reason we have thieves in society who steal to maintain their “lavish” lifestyles.


3. They often envy other people; not the good kind of envy, the kind that leaves them salty AF

This is a typical behavior that broke people pretending to be rich adopt. They will look at other people living their lives and hatch the next plot to outdo them.

How do you outdo someone who is living their life? And who probably doesn’t even know you are watching?

Most people just have a good time for the sake of their happiness. The fake rich want everyone to notice them. That takes a lot of effort. One question one should always reflect on:

Do you want to live decently and retire excellently OR live excellently and retire terribly? Food for thought

Now that you know the fake rich and their behavior, here’s how the REAL rich/wealthy behave

Behavior of the rich people

1. Live below their means

Signs Of Broke People Acting Rich

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The funny thing with most rich people is that they can afford, let’s say, the latest Range Rover, but choose to purchase a cheaper car and dub it convenient and practical. A typical rich person will ask “I have 2 kids; what benefits would a nine bedroom house give me that a 4 bedroom house wouldn’t?


2. They shop when there are sales or giveaways

Signs Of Broke People Acting Rich

Image source:thewire

Rich people tend to get excited when there are offers because they respect every coin that they spend. They try hard to save for tomorrow rather than wasting. It seems ridiculous and extreme; I mean who wants to have to wait for a sale in the mall to go shopping? BUT a rich person will ask, “And why not?”


3. They shop in bulk

Signs Of Broke People Acting Rich

Image source:lifehacker

Most of the rich people shop in bulk where goods are cheaper when they buy in bulk. Forget what you see on social media. You will find a rich person buying rice from its source because they know will get a good deal. Remember, they are all about the saving.

I will end by saying this; no money is a lot of money. It is wise to live within your means because great men before us have fallen to nothing. Sure, some people thrive on the feeling of importance. But how do you get higher by digging yourself deeper into a hole?

Getting to the top is all fine and dandy but staying up there requires you to have character.



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