4 Best Fuel Efficient Cars You Should Buy in Kenya

4 Best fuel efficient cars you should buy in Kenya

When purchasing a car, one of the most important things to consider is the fuel consumption. Sometimes the fuel prices go up, and sometimes they go down, so it might be beneficial to know which car will not dent your pocket. Vehicles that consume low amounts of fuel are easy to maintain.

Best fuel efficient cars you should buy in Kenya

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Done daydreaming? Before you get here, let’s look at some affordable vehicles…


The middle class is growing in Kenya. And fast! It is everyone’s dream to own a car. Let’s face it; people are now able to buy cars more than ever before because a car has somewhat become a necessity. Or is it?

Now, buying the car is not the issue. Are you financially prepared to fuel and maintain the vehicle? If you are, then it might be helpful to know you can save an extra shilling by buying a fuel efficient car.

Here are the most fuel efficient cars to buy in Kenya:

1. Honda fit

Best fuel efficient cars you should buy in Kenya

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Honda fit is a Japan brand. The Honda Fit is a simple car that you can use for many occasions. It is a spacious car, does not breakdown easily, and when it comes to fuel consumption, it is actually very economical. It is estimated to go up to 18km on a Liter of fuel; that’s for a 1500cc engine.

Price: 400,000-600,000

2. Toyota Vitz

Best fuel efficient cars you should buy in Kenya

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Yeah, I know. Forget the stereotype for just 1 second! The Toyota Vitz actually has an engine less than 1000cc; now that’s a small engine.  When it comes to fuel consumption, it is very economical. The car has 3 -5 compact doors.

Price range: 400,000-700,000

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3. Nissan Wingroad

Best fuel efficient cars you should buy in Kenya

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The Nissan Wingroad is among the most popular cars in Kenya. It can be termed as among the most affordable cars in the country. Regarding fuel consumption, it is efficient, but the disadvantage of this model is that it breaks down easily compared to its rival Toyota models. However, it also depends on the driver. Some drivers (you know them) put cars under stress. The engine is a 1500cc that can go for 13km with one Liter of fuel.

Price: 400,000

4. Volkswagen

Best fuel efficient cars you should buy in Kenya

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Volkswagen might be a more durable model than the Japan manufactured car models. Germans take their time to perfect the art. In Kenya, the Volkswagen Golf is gaining immense popularity in the country. For a 1.6 L Diesel, it goes 20km with one liter of fuel. However, Volkswagen cars are a tad bit more expensive than other common brands.

Price: 1,200,000

Quick tips:

The above mentioned cars are just a few examples. There are many other fuel efficient cars on our roads nowadays; fuel saving technology has made sure of that. Ensure that you know how fuel efficient a car is before buying one. Larger engine (e.g. 2000cc) capacities consume more fuel than smaller engine capacities (e.g. 1000cc). However, these dynamics might change over long distances. Larger engine capacities consume less than smaller engine capacities if you are going for long distances. Again this also depends on your driving style. If you are not too harsh on the gas pedal, your car consumes less.



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