7 Unique Baby Names You Need to Know

7 Unique baby names You Need to Know

unique baby names

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Searching for baby names is somewhat challenging if you have no idea what names mean. Some names sound beautiful but have weird meanings. We all want babies to have unique but meaningful names that one can later be proud of.

Here are 7 unique baby names and their meanings:

1. Alexis

Alexis is a girl’s name. She is destined to be a strong lady. It is derived from the male name Alexandra. Your daughter will grow to be a ruler in the world. It is a nice baby name for a girl.

2. Brandon

Brandon means brave, courageous and prince like. Your son will be brave and courageous.  It is a unique baby name that is still trending despite its debut in the 90’s.

3. Cassie

Cassie is a unique baby name derived from the name Cassandra. Cassie means patience and selflessness. Women with this name tend to be cooperative, balanced, sometimes shy, quiet, and empathetic to other people.

4. Blair

Blair is a Scottish name. It is a unique baby boy’s name that means flatland. People with this name have unique abilities in leadership and tend to have independence.

5. Bradley

People with the name Bradley tend to be organized and focused. They also value honesty, discipline, and justice. They can be sometimes cautious and conservative.

6. Pierre

It is a Greek name meaning Rock.  People with this name focus mainly on big issues and also tend to pay attention to detail.  They are successful in business and are also focused on their goals.

7. Carl

Carl is a unique baby boy’s name. People with this name are good in analyzing, learning, and knowing what people need. They are mostly teachers and scholars. They tend to be somewhat introverted.

Well, these are just ideas for unique baby names. If you are expecting a baby soon and you have not found a name that pleases you, these ideas could help you make a choice. Here are more ideas.



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