9 Unique Baby Boy Names

9 Unique baby boy names

Looking for baby names can be an exhilarating yet confusing time. Any parent would want to give their child a cool name that resonates with their personality and one that has a deep meaning.

Here are beautiful and unique baby boy names, and their meanings.

1. Darwin

This name means one that is loved.

2. Anton

Anton means priceless.  This is an excellent name for a much awaited baby boy.

3. August

The month of august means warm and love. If your baby was born on august, then this would be perfect for him.

4. Chester

Chester means focused. Your son would be proud of this name.

5. Dewey

Dewey means beloved. It’s a variation of the name David.

6. Leo

Leo means Lion. It comes from the name Leonard.

7. Lucius

Lucius means light. It is a great name for a boy who you think will become a leader.

8. Terrence

Terrence means tender.

9. Wren

Wren means rule. If you would love your son to be a leader one day, then this would be an excellent choice.



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