Do You Need To Take A Break From Social Media? | 5 Things To Look Out For

Is It Time To Reevaluate How You Use Social Media?

It’s no doubt; social media revolutionized the way we communicate. Remember the days Yahoo mail was the only way to share interesting links and messages? Who would have ever thought that would have been replaced?

take a break from social media

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Social media has now become part of our lives as a platform to not only to communicate, but also to post pictures, stalk others, keep up with entertainment trends, and read juicy gossip snippets. Nowadays, most people are glued to the screens on their phones in the matatu, the back seat of the car, the planes, the banks, the airport, heck! even while driving. Employees are getting less work done because of social media, which has forced companies to take stringent measures on the use of social media use in the office.

I’ll ask you a simple question. When was the last time you opened your social media profile? I bet ya it was just a few minutes ago, right? Most people are updated on what’s happening on their timeline, every hour on the hour.

Here are reasons why you should take a break from Social media:

1. An addiction to social media will decrease your productivity

Have you ever spent a day without checking your social media account several times? If you are always glued to your phone or PC scrolling through pages on your account, then it’s time to take a break from social media for a while. You will begin to notice an increase in productivity at work.

take a break from Social media

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2. People’s lives on social media are a façade

Social media is an interactive place and a place to avoid facing emotional challenges as well as reality. Most people hide their true nature on social media because no one is watching them physically. Consequently, real friendships have gone to the dogs and some people have piled on pressure from seeing others’ success and exploits. Ask yourself – Why do I post pictures or updates? Is it show off or to share a moment? If you post updates to earn some respek, seek validation, and get people to tremble at your exploits, you need to get off social media and get in tune with your reality to improve it.

take a break from Social media

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3. Social media makes some people overly anxious

Some people are out of touch with their lives because of social media. If someone’s social media account is causing problems to you, such as depression and jealousy, it’s advisable to deactivate the account. Until you realize that social media should not dictate your life, you are better off staying without it.

take a break from Social media

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4. When you are constantly trying to reach other people’s standards

Lots of people post pictures on Social media; that’s not the problem. When Mark Zuckerberg created the very conspicuous upload button, I bet you he had a reason. Social media would be nothing without it (he probably just wanted people to share moments). However, I am sure he was not expecting it would go viral (or he was – which would make him a genius).

The problem comes in when people turn life into a Usain Bolt racing bout. At one point, people look into their lives and realize that they don’t have what other people have. If you insistently compare yourself to other people’s lives and success, then social media has lost its meaning to you. Take a break from Social media to find yourself.

take a break from Social media

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5. It’s wasting a lot of your time and zapping a lot of your brain power

Posting pictures, reading your friends’ comments, and watching videos posted on social media can waste so much of your time if done at the wrong time. If you find that you are always online for no reason, it’s time to take a break from social media. Set some time during the day when you can use it.

take a break from Social media

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To sum it up, some people live exorbitant lifestyles and develop unstable emotional attitudes because of social media. Taking a break from social media can have positive health benefits. Face the emotional issues breaking you down and conquer them. Do not find an escape on social media, but rather face your challenges head on and use social media to share moments and not to seek validation.



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