9 Item Checklist to Use When Going For a Vacation With Your Baby

It’s not every time you will remember to carry these things.

Vacations with babies can be hectic; especially if you are a first time mom. You don’t have to carry everything your baby owns in her closet, just carry the necessities to lighten your load.

Here are 9 important things to pack for your baby when vacationing.

1.Baby crocs

Is your baby walking? Crocs are lightweight and great for vacations as they prevent the baby from injuring his or her feet.  Just make sure the crocs are beautiful.



2. Diapers

If your baby is still using diapers or wets the bed, diapers are a must have.  You can carry several packs for emergency.



3. Pacifier

Even though overusing a pacifier is wrong, you might want to carry a pacifier to soothe the baby to sleep. It is also great for when your baby gets bored and moody.



4. Toys

Babies have their favorite toys, and if you are on vacation, it’s important to bring them along.



5. Front baby carrier

Carry a front baby carrier to ease movement during your vacation.



6. Sunscreen

If you are going on a vacation to a hot place, sunscreen is a must. Keep your baby’s skin moisturized.



7. Swim suits

Babies also need to feel like they are on vacation. They are part of the family, right? Carry a swimsuit for your baby in case you get a mini pool where you can play with your baby.



8. Extra clothes

Carry extra clothes in case you need to change your baby and also for moving around. If the place is hot, carry light ones and especially those that are white in color. White reflects heat.



9. Baby Hat

Hats are important; especially in the hot weather. If the weather is hot, a hat will shield your baby from sunburn.






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