How to Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

How To Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

A baby shower is an event meant to show support to your girls and celebrate life. Anyone can plan a baby shower for her friend. It’s not that hard really. It’s best to plan one the last two months before delivery. Before you begin, it’s important to know that some couples find themselves shopping for the baby last minute.

For the party host, pick someone who is the expectant mother’s closest friend or family. This is because the closest friend or family will give suggestions on the gifts and tentative activities for that day. You might be the closest friend or family. That’s even better. If you are holding it at a restaurant or other location, other than a home, make plans early with the restaurant. Ensure that everyone keeps their mouths sealed tight about the event. Surprises are better, aren’t they? Unless the expectant mother abhors surprises, make it a surprise and include creative ideas.

How To Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

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Here are tips on how to pull off a successful baby shower for your loved one;

1. Choose a date

Ensure the date you choose is convenient for the new-to-be mom. The host should be able to find out about her whereabouts.

How To Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

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2. Invitation

You can use Whatsapp to communicate on how to organize the baby shower. Form a group that every invited person will be added to as this will help you know who will be available and those who will not be available. Alternatively, you can look for all the mobile phone numbers of those to grace the baby shower and organize a meeting at a restaurant. Plan all the important details and decide on the role of each participant. Face to face meetings are better because you can make a lot of progress. However, face to face meetings are harder to organize because people are usually busy.

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3. Food and drinks

You can decide to buy snacks or cook ahead of time and come with ready food. Don’t be cooking a week before though. Wake up early that day and prepare the food. You can share responsibilities with the participants for the day.

How To Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

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4. Dress code

Choose a color theme that represents the sex of the baby e.g. if the baby is a boy, you can choose white and blue, if the baby is a girl, you can do white and pink, or you can wear your preferred colors.

How To Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

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5. Venue

For an affordable and simple baby shower, you can choose to hold the party at her place or one of the participant’s home. Ensure you communicate with the spouse, to let them know you will be holding a baby shower in their house. You can ask the spouse to live the key behind. You can decorate the house with your planned theme colors as he takes her out for a little while. When it’s all done, you can surprise her when she comes home.

How To Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

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