How To Be a Real Lady

How To Be a Real Lady

Part of being a lady is dressing well, looking stylish, doing your hair, and much more. Take care of yourself. It cannot be stressed enough, BE CLEAN! Men love women who smell good, take care of their hygiene, and observe CLEANLINESS.

How To Be a Real Lady

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Exhibit modesty and decorum…

Being born a woman does not automatically qualify you to be a lady. You need to have poise and composure at all times.

Here are some of the values you need to cultivate

1. You need to have contentment and inner peace

2. You need to be confident

3. Display good manners and have knowledge on good etiquette

If you do this, you will attract good men – the marriage material type.

What defines a lady?

How To Be a Real Lady

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She has to have:

1. Integrity

This is a woman with values who cannot compromise on her values.

2. Self-respect

She is self-conscious and knows herself. She will not lower her dignity for quick cash or any sort of gains.

3. Confident

Confidence is everything in a woman. She knows when to say “No” and knows she has value no matter how she looks and where is she from. Any woman who knows her value will be confident and believe in herself. She values her intellect above her looks.

4. Inner strength

People handle situations differently, but a real lady will handle her situations wisely and make the right judgments. She is not irked by passing situations. She knows her current difficult situation will pass and she will rise again.

5. Class

A lady got to have class, etiquette, and good manners around people. The way a woman handles herself and socializes with people will help you know if she is a real lady.

Now, if you want to be a real lady then here is the unladylike behavior to drop:

How To Be a Real Lady

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  • Avoid swearing
  • Having too many tattoos – no offense to those with tattoos
  • When invited to a party or out with your friends, avoid excessive drinking.
  • A real lady will not smoke or do drugs – no offense to smokers
  • Dressing indecently. Avoid clothes showing all of your goodies.
  • Don’t be rude or abuse others.
  • Don’t laugh like a witch– goodness! – this is just etiquette
  • Don’t be materialistic
  • Value hard work
  • Be clean – smell good

A real lady will not allow anyone to abuse her. She will stand by her principles and what she believes. The best way for a real lady to deal with abusive and disrespectful people is to keep away from toxic people.



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