17 Cute Baby Girl Names

17 Cute Baby Girl Names

Lots of couples go through that phase; tirelessly looking for names for their baby girl. When you finally get that name, you will know. Kind of like when you know that you have found love. You are not going to find a name if you are stressing all over the place. First, realize that you will get that name, so take it in stride!

baby girl names

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Babies are adorable little beings. Therefore, when that cute name seems ever elusive, you can get stressed.  Picking girl names can be interesting. There are so many awesome baby girl names, but it’s just hard to narrow down to one. Anyone would love to give their baby girl unique names. Luckily, we at lifestylevogue.com have compiled some of the hot baby girl names that are currently trending. You will also get a hint as to the kind of character these names portray.

Baby girl names

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1. Aurora:

She is kind, loving, and she is a natural beauty.

2. Bambi

She is cute and really intelligent.

3. Cadence

Soft-spoken and stunning.

4. Callie

Friendly, bubbly, and kind.

5. Chanel

Classy, cute, and intelligent.

6. Gia

Beautiful, kindhearted, and peaceful.

7. Gillian

Outgoing, adventurous, and creative.

8. Hazel

Pretty, outgoing, and adventurous.

9. Ivy

Gorgeous, reliable, and soft spoken.

10. Jade

Competitive, bright, and intelligent.

11. Kayla

Sweet, funny, and talkative.

12. Kylie

Nice to everyone, kind, and patient.

13. Leila

Patient, kind and loving.

14. Lola

Outgoing, loves birthday parties, and enjoys outdoor activities.

15. Payton

Kind hearted, loving, and kind

16. Zara

Decision maker, principled, and a go-getter.

17. Zoe

Loves fashion and is stylish.



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