How To Make Legitimate Money Online

Are you serious you want to make money online?

Write and sell an E-book

Write an E-book, not too long and not too short. Upload it at Amazon and start marketing your E-book for readers to find you. This way you will be making some good legitimate money online.

How To Make Legitimate Money Online


Create an app

Apps are technical when it comes to the creation. Apps are great especially if you want a passive generating income. Think of an idea that can help people and create an app that can apply and reach to massive group of people. Preferably, ensure that the app is mobile and android friendly.

How To Make Legitimate Money Online

Sell your skills on

If you have skills such as graphic design, building websites, and social media marketing, utilize your skills by advertising yourself. You never know who will see you and love your work.

How To Make Legitimate Money Online


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Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one way to earn legitimate money online. It’s advisable to take online jobs as serious as possible. If you want to earn as much money as possible be ready to build your portfolio slowly and eventually you will get there. It is time consuming but it’s highly profitable in the long run if you enjoy writing.

How To Make Legitimate Money Online



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