Workout Motivation From Hell!

Get Psyched For The Gym!

It’s easy to start a workout routine but it’s definitely harder to maintain it. That’s why you need workout motivation from hell (figuratively). There is nothing as demotivating as those lazy days when you are supposed to go to the gym but your couch keeps calling, “Just come and nap – I promise it will only take five minutes then you can go the gym.” Two hours later you wake up and figure it is only practical to hit the gym the next day. But then there are those days you are just energized to lose weight but you are nowhere near the gym.  The main reason why we experience such highs and lows is the lack of immediate results. In reality, you cannot work out for a week and see results within the week; unless you are a cartoon character. Losing weight takes commitment.

So I came up with 5 ways that will motivate you to get that motivation from hell!

1. Embarrassing comments on Facebook

Think about those embarrassing comments that your friends post on your page. Here’s a good one, “Congrats! I see some good signs there!” thinking that you are expectant.  Let such comments motivate you to work out hard!

Workout Motivation From Hell

2. Think about that gorgeous body in a bikini on vacation

If you often have uncomfortable thoughts adorning a bikini, you probably need to try losing weight. Every time you feel like you don’t want to go to the gym or exercise, always think about how you would look in a bikini on vacation. It feels great right? Go for it! I mean, it all starts in the mind – the law of attraction, is it.

Workout Motivation From Hell

3. Find an energized workout partner

Work out with a partner who challenges and motivates you to do things you thought they were impossible. A work out partner will motivate you to keep going. Chances of falling out the wagon when you are alone are quite high.

Workout Motivation From Hell

4. Weigh yourself every two or three weeks

Weigh yourself every week to monitor your progress; otherwise, you could end up giving up thinking that a nasty devil visits you to add kilos when you are asleep. When one fails to see results, they tend to pull the plug and give up. Don’t give up; you will start seeing results after maybe three weeks of consistent most workout regimes. However, it takes time for other people. Just try to ensure you stay away from sugar and fatty foods.

Workout Motivation From Hell


5. Wear workout clothes

Wear clothing that you love exercising in. Buy colors you love for the gym; it sounds simplistic but it’s all about the mind right?

Workout Motivation From Hell

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