7 Subtle Signs of Pregnancy

7 Subtle Signs Of Pregnancy

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The age old question… How do I know if I am pregnant?

Quick fact – Over 40% of pregnancies in Kenya are unplanned!

Most women only know they are pregnant after testing or when the monthlies do not pIay them a visit.  Does every woman show similar signs during pregnancy? No. Every woman’s body is different, and so is how their body reacts to pregnancy.

Here Are 7 Subtle Signs Of Pregnancy

1. Diarrhea

Signs of pregnancy

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This sign of pregnancy happens in the first few weeks.


2. Bleeding Lightly Or Spotting

Signs of pregnancy

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Having light

spotting is normal. It occurs in the first few weeks. This will occur before having your periods, but it will be much lighter.

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3. Feeling Nauseated


Signs of pregnancy

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Most women experience nausea during the first few weeks of the pregnancy, and many more throw up. Nausea is usually caused by hormonal changes and mostly occurs in the morning.

4. Painful Periods

Signs of pregnancy

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3This is also a tell-tale sign of pregnancy. Sometimes, this happens at the same time you are having your periods. However, this is a rare symptom that happens to only a few women.

5. Breast May Become Sore And Tender

signs of pregnancy

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This is among the early signs of pregnancy. Breasts begin to feel sore, and nipples feel prickly. Your breast will also be tender, feel heavy and itchy and also turn darker.

6. Visiting The Washroom Frequently

Signs of pregnancy

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You will find yourself visiting the washroom quite often (for a short call) at this phase of your life.

7. Missed Monthlies

Signs of pregnancy

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Missing your period is the most obvious sign of pregnancy. However, all the listed symptoms can occur even before you miss your periods.



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