How To Use a Condom

How To Use a Condom

In this era of twerking, and all manner of risky sexual activities, people need to take care of themselves. Almost every other video on television is highly sexualized, and sexual energies are at an all-time high. Sheath up guys!

how to use a condom

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Era of highly sexualized images and videos

Introducing the condom…

A condom is a thin rubber sheath worn during intercourse (and it’s only 50bob!). I bet you all knew that. Condoms protect one from unwanted pregnancies and STIs as well as HIV. You can purchase a condom at shops, chemists, supermarkets, or pharmacies. When purchasing a condom make sure it is marked with quality emblems. This mark means that it has been tested for safety measures. Also, ensure that a condom is within the expiry date. There are two types of condoms; the male condom and the female condom.

The male condom

This condom is worn by the man to prevent semen from entering a woman’s coochie when a man ejaculates. A condom should be worn when the man’s penis is hard and before it gets in contact with the woman’s vagina.

how to use a condom

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 The female condom

The female condom is another effective contraceptive. The female condom is worn anytime but before intercourse and before the penis gets in contact with the vagina.


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Here’s how to use a condom:

  • Expiry date

Firstly, make sure the condom is not expired. Always check the date on the pack of the condom before purchasing.

  • Feel the air bubble

One way to know a condom is fresh is that you will feel some air while the condom is still in the pack. If there is air in there, it means the condom is intact.

  • Open your condom

To prevent damaging the condom, don’t use scissors or nails to tear off the wrapper. Use your index finger and thumb to tear off the pack.

  • Right side

Make sure that the condom is right side out when wearing. The condom should look like a hat but not like a shower cap.

  • Wearing the condom

how to use a condom

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Ensure that you leave some space for semen when wearing the condom. You MUST press the tip of the condom before wearing. This removes air from the tip of the condom and creates space for semen. If you do not do this, you will leave air in the condom, and it will burst during sex. This is the primary reason condoms break.

  • Unroll your condom

how to use a condom

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Unroll your condom while pressing the tip and roll it till it covers the whole penis shaft.

When withdrawing hold on to your condom at the base of the penis

If you do not hold on to the condom, it could end up falling off and leaking.

  • Disposing of the condom

Wrap your condom with a tissue paper and throw it in the trash bag but not in the toilet. Well, of course, because you do not want it to end up blocking your toilet.



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