How To Lose Weight With Yoga

How to Lose Weight With Yoga

Yoga is underrated. Not many people believe in the benefits of yoga. Maybe after reading this, your skepticism will vanish, and you can tap into the benefits of Yoga.

What is yoga? Yoga is the scientific art of reconnecting body, soul, and mind. Physical exercise is the most important and best way to lose weight. Working out can be tiring especially if you don’t see the results. Exercising would only become unproductive if you binge on junk food and sweetened drinks. You should live by this all the time; work out and eat healthy foods. If you need motivation, you can ask a friend to join you for yoga sessions.

Here are few yoga exercises to help you lose weight

Boat pose

How to lose weight with yoga

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Lay back in a V shape; like a boat, hold on to that position for 10 seconds. You can increase the number of seconds to minutes every day. Your stomach muscles will strain, and that’s what you want.


Upward plank

How to lose weight with yoga

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This exercise is good for your respiratory system. Lie on your back but let your hands support your back and straighten your legs. At first, it might sound difficult, but once you hack this plank, it will go a long way to help you lose weight.


Bridge pose

How to lose weight with yoga

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Lie back stretching your hands on the sides and fold your knees. Spread your knees and from your pelvic area, raise your body upwards. Support yourself with your hands and stay at that position for a while. This pose works wonders while trying to lose belly fat.


Warrior pose

How to lose weight with yoga

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Stretch one leg forward and one at the back making a ninety-degree pose. Stretch your hands upwards at the same time. Do this for a few times every day, and you will be happy with the results in a few weeks.

These are just a few beginner poses. If you have tried all other techniques of losing weight except yoga, you should give this a try.



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