How To Lose Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat

Dresses look gorgeous put up on the mannequin at your favorite shop. When it begins to dawn on you that those cutest clothes are never going to fit you, you curse yourself for all the pizza you ate the previous week.

How to lose belly fat

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We all want to fit in those fancy, small, cute dresses but we cannot trace where things went wrong. Well, you first ought to know that NOT every person that is overweight is unhealthy. Additionally, there are many people who have normal weight but have metabolic problems associated with obesity.

How to lose belly fat - lifestylevogue

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This is because the fat accumulated in the abdominal cavity is deadly to human health

If you are having trouble losing belly fat, read on…

If not, you are the envy of many women BUT still need to read on because this will prevent you from joining the numerous women battling with belly fat.

How to lose belly fat | Top tips

1. Cut carbs in your meals

When you cut carbs from your diet, your appetite gradually goes down, helping you lose weight. Low carb diets help you lose about 2-3 kilograms every two weeks. Try to avoid the refined carbs; such as white bread and pasta.

How to lose belly fat - lifestylevogue

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Avoid high carbs

2. Drink green tea

People who do moderate exercises stock up on plenty of antioxidants. There are plenty of antioxidants in green tea too known as catechins. Catechins help you lose abdominal fat or belly fat much faster than those who do not consume them. Green tea also helps you lose weight fast.

How to lose belly fat - lifestylevogue

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3. Get enough sleep

Try to sleep 8 hours every night; consistently. Research has shown that sleeping less than eight hours a night or oversleeping, leads to an increase in visceral fat levels.

How to lose belly fat - lifestylevogue

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4. Yoga

Yoga helps in the reduction of visceral fat in about 16 weeks. If you are not a gym type of person, you can try yoga. It’s very effective. Not many people try yoga because they think it’s ineffective, but what’s the harm in trying.

How to lose belly fat - lifestylevogue

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Note: Some skinny people also have visceral fat; it doesn’t only apply to overweight people. Your visceral fat levels depend on how active you are and the lifestyle you lead. People of average weight, who do not watch their diet, and rarely exercise, are likely to have visceral fat. Stay active. Skip, take a walk or jog; no matter your weight.



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