7 Mascara Mistakes To Avoid

Mascara Mistakes To Avoid

Mascara is one of the most important beauty products that every girl who loves make up should have. Mascara can break or make your look. Mascara gives your eyes that sexy, natural look such that even when you are not wearing any other makeup products, you will still look attractive. If you want to have a perfect look for your eyes, avoid such mistakes:

1. Sharing your mascara

Sharing your mascara is one of the don’ts of make-up. Sharing mascara can spread eye infections because of the bacteria and germs likely to accumulate on the mascara brushes of some people.


2. Not using primer

If you find that your eye mascara smudges, the solution is to use a primer. Apply primer around your eyes to prevent mascara smudging all over your skin. Primer helps your makeup stay on without rubbing off.

Mascara Mistakes To Avoid


3. Applying in a hurry

Applying mascara is one of those things you cannot apply in a rush. If you apply mascara in a hurry, it may not dry up completely so you will have clumsy-looking eyelashes.

Mascara Mistakes To Avoid


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4. You don’t wipe your mascara the right way

Never go to bed with make up on even after those fun night outs. Leaving mascara make up on then reapplying it could lead to the breakage of your eyelashes and also provoke infections.



5. Using old mascara

Old mascara could also lead to eye infections. It’s advisable to purchase a new mascara product after every three months of use. Using your old mascara increases the risk of contracting eye infections.



6. Incorrect application

When applying your mascara, start from the bottom as you go up. Don’t forget to lightly reapply the top eyelashes with a second coat.

Mascara Mistakes To Avoid


7. Don’t pump your mascara bottle

If you want to achieve that cute look on your eyes, don’t pump your mascara brush into the brush. If you pump your mascara bottle air comes in causing your mascara to dry out fast. You will have “weird” eyelashes and your mascara will not last for long.

Mascara Mistakes To Avoid






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