Simple Beef Burger Recipe


  • An egg
  • 4 buns
  • ¼ Kg of minced meat
  • 5 Tablespoons of olive oil
  • Round sliced tomatoes
  • Mayonnaise
  • Several leafs of Lettuce
  • Tomato sauce/ketchup (optional)


  • Before preparing this recipe, you can marinate the minced meat by mixing it with small amounts of pilau masala and black pepper, as well as any other spices you desire. Leave the mixture overnight. Note: This step is optional if you do not like spices.



  • In a small bowl, put sliced onions, minced meat, and a beaten egg. Thoroughly mix the minced meat, onions, and egg. If you don’t like eggs, just use egg white.


  • Divide the mixture into several portions. Wet your hands and start shaping the minced meat into ball shapes.

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  • Once the portions are ball shaped, place them on a chopping board or a smooth flat area and press on them hard, till they are flat. Do this one by one to form the burger patties.


  • Place the patties on a flat plate and refrigerate them for 30 minutes.


  • Get your barbecue fire going and let the heat even out. Apply some oil to the barbecue grill to avoid the patties from sticking on the oven.


  • Remove the refrigerated flat minced meat/burger patties.


  • Place the patties on the barbecue fire and turn them over as you let them cook evenly. Using a brush, oil the patties, and let them cook well. Oil both sides as they roast, and ensure they do not stick on the barbecue grill.



  • Let the patties turn to a golden brown color or dark brown color. Don’t press the patties as this will squeeze the juices out.


  • Remove the patties from the grill when they are well done, and place them on a plate to cool.


  • Slice each of the buns into two, place a piece of lettuce at the bottom of each, a slice of tomato in each, a piece of patty (minced meat), and lastly, add some mayonnaise on top in that order.



And there is your beef burger! You can have it with your favorite beverage.



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