How to Make Mashed Potatoes

How to Make Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are often a break from the norm. Who isn’t in love with almost all potato dishes; from French fries, fried potatoes to mashed potatoes? In many holiday seasons, potatoes dishes are quite common. They are served with fish, goat stew, beef, chicken stew and many more dishes.

When making mashed potatoes, I decided to try out a new recipe by adding milk cream instead of milk and it turned out to be delish! To get those creamy and tasty mashed potatoes, you have to add heavy cream to your potatoes. So, let’s begin:


How to make mashed potatoes

Image source: BBC good food

You will need:

1. Potatoes

2. ½ tablespoon of salt

3. two tablespoons of butter

4. Pepper

5. 1 tablespoon of milk

6. 4 spoons of heavy milk cream

7. Potato Smasher


Preparation time: 20 minutes

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Preparation method

1. Peel the potatoes. Put them in a bowl full of water to prevent them from turning brown. Store the potatoes in the fridge and cut them. Cutting the potatoes helps them to cook evenly.

2. Put your potatoes in a cooking pot and add water that covers the potatoes. Add some salt as soon as they start boiling.

3. Leave your potatoes to boil for 5-8 minutes, until it’s easy for the potatoes to break apart. You can test this with a fork.

4. Drain your potatoes and let the potatoes cool off for a few minutes with the heat turned off. Make sure that you drain all the water in the potatoes. Watery potatoes lose taste.

5. Add some butter and leave it to melt on the potatoes. Using a spoon, mix the potatoes and the butter.

6. Start mashing your potatoes. Remember, if you prefer your potatoes smooth, you have to mash for a longer period.

7. Add the heavy milk cream into the potatoes as you mash.

8. Add pepper and salt and continue mixing.

I know you will love this dish. Serve hot!



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