How to Style Palazzo Pants

How to Style Palazzo Pants.

Palazzo pants recently made a quiet comeback but hardly anyone noticed until celebrities began wearing them. Now, many women want to learn how to style them. Palazzo pants are quite risky to wear; one wrong move and you end up looking like those clowns entertaining people at a kids’ fun joint. This article will help you style your Palazzo pants and pull off an amazing look for the office, social event, or any casual day on the streets.

1.African piece

African pallazo pants are great for fashion events or Sunday brunch; if you do brunch.  You can match such outfits with a nice single-colored top.

how to style pallazo pants



2. Palazzo pants with crop-top

Crop tops go well with almost everything if you know what you are doing.  You can also wear this look to the movies.

how to style palazzo pants



3. Palazzo pants with a shirt

You can pair palazzo pants with a shirt. Try this look for the office and look good crunching the numbers at your desk or meeting clients.

how to style palazzo pants



4. Palazzo pants with off shoulder tops

Off-shoulder tops go well with almost any outfit.  Wear this combination to a family function or lunch dates on a sunny day.

how to style palazzo pants



5. Palazzo pants with a vest

Vests are easy to style because they usually do not have detail on the fabric or specific fittings. You can wear this combination to lunch dates, shopping, or relaxed weekends.

how to style palazzo pants



6. Palazzo pants with ruffles.

Such a look is good for the office or lunch dates.  Its comfort and simplicity makes it an easy look to pull off.

how to style palazzo pants




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