5 Latest Fashion Trends That are Here to Stay

5 Latest Fashion Trends That are Here to Stay

Every month new trends come up and light up Nairobi streets. Nairobi girls (not all) love looking stylish and feeling good and Kenyan men know that. Do cute clothes have to cost an arm and a leg? You do not have to buy expensive clothing to look good. Feeling good begins with an aura of confidence. If you have confidence, you can LITERALLY wear anything. However, there are limits. Confidence is not a reason to slack off and wear the first thing that pops out of your closet.

Latest Fashion Trends That are Here to Stay

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Here are the latest fashion trends:

1. The high waist pants

These types of pants can be worn on weekends when running errands, a lunch date with your girlfriends, and the club. There are many ways of rocking this look effortlessly. They come in the form of jeggings and soft jeans. Have a look of some of the latest fashion trending pants:

Latest Fashion Trends That are Here to Stay

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2. Kimonos

A Kimono is a sweater-like kind of clothing that can be worn to the beach, to match with your body-hugging dresses, and with your pants to add more taste. They are not as thick as the conventional sweaters that you know, but they are long up to your ankles. You can wear a kimono in any weather. Take a look at some of the ideas:

Latest Fashion Trends That are Here to Stay

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3. The cape coat

Cape coats are not common, but they are trending. If you love fashion and you love looking stylish, you ought to have one cape coat in your wardrobe. Cape coats can be worn at the office, during night functions, and events. For a sophisticated look, get that cape coat. Here are ideas on how to wear your cape coat:

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4. Matte lipstick

Matte lipstick is trending. Kylie Jenner’s lips made this a thing a few months ago. Matte brings out that pop of color on lips. Almost every girl nowadays is rocking this lipstick in different colors from red to black, and it looks great! However, not every color suits everyone. Get the color that suits your skin tone and size of your lips. Some colors will make your lips look bigger than others. There is a color for everyone so ensure that you search until you find that color that suits you.

Latest Fashion Trends That are Here to Stay

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5. Choker necklace

A choker is a simple fitting neckpiece. Chokers come in different material such as leather, silver, gold, and velvet. Chokers are from way back, but they still seem to be making a comeback.  Chokers are meant to bring focus to your neck area, especially if you are wearing a V or round neckline top.  It is one of the latest fashion trending accessories, check this out:

Latest Fashion Trends That are Here to Stay

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These clothes are available almost anywhere! It all depends on where you shop. You might want to do your research before making a purchase. You can get the same item at half the price at a sale in the city or outside of the city. Buying clothes in town might set you back more money that it should.



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