8 Kenyan Vloggers You Can Watch All Day!

Vlogging has become among the things people do for fun and still make money on the side. Vlogging is fun if one has content, and the courage to be themselves in front of the camera. Vlogging involves taking videos in your everyday life. Some Kenyan vloggers are taking it to the next level, and it’s all about positive vibes! Kenyans should start definitely start supporting these guys by watching and taking the entertainment industry to the next level.

Here are 8 Kenyan vloggers you can watch all day


1. The Green Calabash

This is vlog about a couple and their daily life. We get to see how they live together as a married couple and their parenting skills. They have two beautiful kids who are part of the vlog.



2. Rikkie

Rikkie is a young lady, who vlogs about fashion, her everyday lifestyle, and other issues. Very interesting!



3. The Murayas

The Murayas is a vlog about Size 8 and Dj Mo. They show us a glimpse into their personal lives. We also get to see their daughter Ladasha Belle.



4. Meet the Peaces

You know Cess Sagini right? This is a vlog about Cess Sagini and her fiancée and how they relate as a couple.



5. Elodie Zone

Elodie’s Vlog is about her party life, lifestyle, and fashion. We get to see her travelling and doing her thing.



6. Nancy Mwai

Her vlog is about makeup, fashion, and her everyday life as a lady. You are bound to learn a lot.



7. Crispin Mugambi

Crispin Mugambi is a car vlogger. He vlogs about cars as he tests out different models. If you love cars, this one is for you!


8. Xtian Dela

Xtian Dela has been around for a while and his vlog has fun moments; like the time he went with Jeff Koinange to a game or when he went bonkers in J. Blessing’s Range Rover.




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