7 Kenyan Programs Guaranteed To Bring Back Memories Of Childhood

7 Kenyan programs guaranteed to bring back memories of childhood

During the childhood days, TV was a big deal. There were limited programs back then and one had to wait for a program with bated breath. “News anchors” and “smile” could never go in the same sentence. Thank God things have changed. Nowadays, we have channels on demand and have a wide choice at the click of a button.

Here are 7 Kenyan programs guaranteed to bring back memories of childhood


Tausi was one of those major programs; watched by almost every homestead. You might remember Rehema, Mzee Kasri and Rukiya? Wonder where they went.



2. Tahamaki

You might recall we watched most of Tahamaki with one eye closed. Damn scary! And the trailer song never leaves the mind, “dunia ina mambo…”



3. The Promise

Who didn’t watch this? It was a Philippine based series that aired every day. The story was so captivating that it was part of typical conversations.



4. Vioja Mahakamani

Vioja Mahakamani centered on humorous court proceedings. It was very dramatic and everyone longed to see the characters.



5. The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold, as was commonly known, was the first soap opera to ever air on KBC, and parents at that moment enjoyed it to the fullest, but sadly never let us watch.  Once news was done, it was the norm to be sent to bed.



6. Vitimbi

Vitimbi aired for a long time and it is impossible to forget the drama that kept us entertained us for so long.



7. Cartoon Network

As kids, the cartoon network was a must watch. Cartoon network would air all day and night and I am glad we got to enjoy it before they invented pay per view.




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