4 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Parents To Twins


1. Grace Msalame

Grace Msalame was blessed with twin girls. She is a single mom, but she co-parents with their father Paul Ndichu. Paul is also a twin to Eddy Ndichu, Janet Mbugua’s husband. They must have seen this coming, right?

All images from Grace Msalame Instagram



2. Anne Kiguta

Ann Kiguta gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. She is a mother of 3, her first born coming from her previous marriage that didn’t work out due to domestic violence issues.



3. DJ Kaytrixx

DJ Kaytrixx is one of the most celebrated DJs here at home. His beginnings were humble where he once hosted a show with Namtero Mdee back in the day. He is now a proud father of twin boys. His longtime girlfriend has been with him through thick and thin which is why he adores his family. The twin boys are all grown up and now looking all handsome.







4. Waridi

Do you remember Waridi from “waridi” the Kenyan soap opera that we all loved back in the day? Waridi was blessed with a set of twins a boy and a girl. She moved to United States where where she lives with the father of her kids. The set of twins (boy and girl) were named Blade and Blossom.

All Images:Instagram Warydi




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