How To Exit A Bad Date

6 Things You Can Do to Exit a Bad Date

Have you ever gone on an innocent date and realized you made a mistake and thought to yourself, “I should have just walked away when I had the chance. This guy/girl is killing me!”

How To Exit A Bad Date

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Exiting a bad date is not as easy if you are the courteous type. However, you have to think of your time. Do you want to waste time bearing the brunt of a bad date? There are ways to get out of a bad date; even one with Mirfat. Sometimes, it could be that the date is boring, or you guys are just not compatible.

Here are subtle ways you can exit a bad date:

1. You could go the honest | straight up way

How To Exit A Bad Date

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Just tell your date that it was nice meeting them, but you do not intend to have a second date them. Dates are just like interviews if the person does not meet the criteria, it’s best to let them go. Don’t ask for another date when you know that the person is just not for you.

2. Fake an emergency

How To Exit A Bad Date


This is the oldest excuse; that still works. Ask your friend to give you a call, then let your date know that it is an emergency. Just don’t fake something bad like death or something; you know what they say about karma. Fake an emergency about work or that your friend needs something and you are the only one who can help.

3. The feeling sick card

How To Exit A Bad Date

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If you feel like the date is going nowhere, just go to the bathroom. Spend sometime in the bathroom then return to your seat and let your date know that you are feeling unwell. The stomach thing always gets them! You could say it is the drink or the food you just ate. This way you will be able to leave the date… and FAST!

4. The early morning meeting or flight

How To Exit A Bad Date

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If it’s a dinner date, you could say that you have an early appointment or you have an early morning flight to catch. This works for boring dates.

5. Get overly negative about the restaurant

How To Exit A Bad Date

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No one likes negative energy around them. Make excuses; like you do not like the food, you find the place disorganized, or the staff seem slow. Your date will soon get tired of you, and you will have an excuse to leave. Warning: Some people will just try to convince you to stay or just take you to another restaurant. This works half the time so prepare yourself.

6. Gets them all the time – the fictional kids story

If your date is boring, you could lie something about your kids. Maybe fake a phone call and feign a story that your kids are really cranky because they have not had their yogurt – and there is no way you can let your kids stay without yogurt. Your date just has to understand. If you have kids (like for real), you could also say you have to leave early because your babysitter has something else they have to do.

Some restaurants have innovated clever ways to get customers out of bad dates. Some restaurants have subtle posters in the bathroom telling you how to exit the bad date. “If you are on a bad (Tinder) date and want to leave, just walk up to the bartender and ask for (a secret word – like “Rachelle”). The bartender or staff will get you out of it. They could frustrate the person discreetly or something as easy as faking something for you (here’s the link). However, this would be good for extreme dates – like the ones you do not feel safe.



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