How To Fall In Love With Your Job Again

How To Fall in Love With Your Job Again

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? You did everything possible – compromised on things you normally wouldn’t do – to make the relationship work. You gave it your best shot.

Your job is more like your love life. A job is like a chapter in one’s career. A fulfilling job makes you feel like you are doing something productive with your life.

After some time working a particular job, reality starts to sink in. You continue enjoying your job, but you start noticing all the challenges and faults of your “damn” job that were never there before.

Deadlines start pissing you off, and the primary reason you wake up is because you can take any more of that annoying morning alarm!

How to Fall in Love With your Job Again

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Who the F** set that clock?!


This is where you begin to think,“Maybe, just maybe…I should just quit and start my own business or better still….hunt for another job.”

Before you make up your mind on what road to take, check this out.

How to fall in love with your job again

1. Note down your frustrations

How To Fall in Love With Your Job Again

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Write down the things that frustrate you at work and separate those that you feel you can change and those out of your control. Stay positive. Every time you think you hate your job, remember that there are people who would love to be in your position.

2. Remember what attracted you to the job in the first place

How to Fall in Love With your Job Again

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You chose the job for a reason. Otherwise, you would not have accepted the offer. Everyone reaches a plateau in their careers at one point. All you have to do to stay in love with your job is to remember how you came to love that particular job. However, do not just stay in a job for the sake. Try to see what you love and work around that.

Free advice: Never quit without having a plan B or C for that matter. You are going to pile up a lot of pressure on yourself beginning from plan zero.

3. Appreciate your job

How to Fall in Love With your Job Again

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It is always good to appreciate ourselves. You could reward yourself; go on a vacation or do what you love doing best in your free time. Appreciation gives you the motivation and the strength to work harder.

Always remember that the grass is always greener where you water it!



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